Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Penguins and Chapstick

To work, or to crochet? That's not really a question, since I have to work to earn money, but a few times this week I turned to Girlfriend and said, "I wish I could just stay at home and crochet all day." Unfortunately, that won't bring in the bacon. Sure, there are some hard-core crocheters out there that must surely earn a living through their craft, but I wouldn't even know where to begin. Maybe I'm just suffering from hook-withdrawal, since I haven't been able to pick up a skein of yarn since Sunday. Between work, meetings, soccer practice (no, not kids' - none here-, Girlfriend's) and having the narcoleptic desire to go to sleep at 8:30pm, I haven't got much time to be crafty. Hell, I haven't had the closest thing to energy to be crafty. I've found a model for my ever-continuing search for a penguin to crochet. Now, if I can only convince this ingenious hook-er to give me her pattern! This is probably one of the cooler things I've seen in a bit...chapstick holder pattern by vigilant20 . I'm SO making this when I get home. Or, while I watch the Girlfriend's soccer game tonight.

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