Thursday, February 02, 2006

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something black.

And so begins my blog! Whatever comes of this, it began with a bored lunch period at work, with no access to my Sidekick. See, I work in a school, where the filters inhibit my usual stomping grounds, My lil Danger Sidekick lets me log in, but silly me forgot to charge it overnight. After skimming the internet and reading various blogs on crochet, I thought it was time I began one of my own - on crochet, travel, work, whatever comes to my mind. I wore my first creation to work today, a maroon skirt I modified from a pattern on the Bernat site. Yeah, it's a shawl, but it came out too narrow to fit around my top, so I modded it a bit, and made it into a skirt that I wear over pants. I tend to do that a lot - wear skirts over pants, that is. My students think I'm a tad odd, but that doesn't stop them from copying my unique fashion sense. At any rate, they were rather impressed with what I was able to whip up with this skirt and scarf combo. I've got a couple projects in the works, already. Here's the beginnings of a red teddy bear. And bits of a granny afghan... I've got a mess of crochet needles, knitting needles, books, skeins of yarn, and whatnot in the corner of my bedroom. It drives my girlfriend bananas, being the neat freak that she is.
The date on your camera is wrong I think :P

Repay the favour?????

Nah, I just used my time machine to go back to 2003. Shh. ;)
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