Sunday, March 05, 2006

Animal Farm in Single Crochet

This weekend was certainly productive! All day Saturday, I worked on my first amineko, and Sunday, I completed two amigurumi for Girlfriend's family. Saturday, my fingers were sore after the marathon session on my cat. Well, my ring finger...still haven't figured out why it gets so sore. As far as progress goes, kitty has a head, a body, two arms, and two ears. I'm guessing I won't get to work on it until next weekend, since I've tended to come home from work and crash on the couch for the evening. Sunday was a little easier on my fingers. I think it's because I took more breaks than I usually do, and stitch-wise, I didn't do that many. Those amigurumi are quick! My living room's beginning to look like Joann's threw up on my couch, so it's time to go a little clean up before Girlfriend grumbles.

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