Thursday, March 30, 2006

Stepping Out to the Business World

It's official! I'm in business! I've been booked for my first craft fair, and I've began a sales section to my blog. I've got all my stuff available for sale. I have been doing testing all this week at work, so I've had a lot of time to get my stock up, crocheting during the day while the kiddos are filling in those evil bubbles. Girlfriend has cracked the whip, and my yarn splurging is over for a while. I'm in slight mourining, since I've been getting all sorts of sales flyers from AC Moore and Joann's. She's doing the numbers end of my new endevor, and has even done a few wrist bands. I'm looking into doing a Memorial Day weekend craft fair, and one at this HUGE event in Fall River during the summertime. It's kind of hard finding craft fairs if you already aren't involved in them. I'm hoping to network soon.
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