Thursday, March 02, 2006

This Lil Amigurumi Piggy's going to my MIL's.

I bought Roxy's Amigurumi Animals Collection. I'm pretty pleased with the purchace - it came super quick, and was reasonably priced. Plus, you gotta support the crafters! At any rate, it didn't have a pattern for a piggy. So, I'm taking the cow snout, cow arms and legs, the kitty ears, and making a tail of my own. When you do these Amigurumi animals, you have to crochet super-tight. My fingers are so sore after last night's crocheting of the body and head! I guess I press my hook into my ring-finger as I crochet, and it's rather banged up this morning. Why am I making a piggy, you ask? Girlfriend's mom collects Piggin's, and the British Mother's Day is at the end of March. Yes, I am kissing ass.

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