Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Comfortghan for a Pre-Teen

I got to work yesterday morning, and found out that a student of mine had a mother that ODed in front of her last night and died. Bare in mind that I am a special needs teacher, so generally, my students have issues-a-bound to deal with already. This was a Mom who had a stomach stapling surgery last year. Staff was worried then that Mom wouldn't make it through the surgery, since it was so dangerous. We were upset that she was putting her own vanity above her daughter's needs. Mom wasn't dangerously obese - maybe around 200lbs. We could see if the doc said "have this surgery because you might die from the weight", but she was no where near that. It was totally for looks. Since she had the surgery and lost 90lbs, her priorities had been all about her looks and getting a boyfriend and living like a teenager. She was always out, and kept canceling meetings on us when the staff wanted to talk about her daughter's struggles. She got her and her daughter evicted from their home (not sure why...) and hooked up with this boyfriend who the daughter HATED. Boyfriend got arrested, went to jail, then recently came back. This 8th grader has serious emotional issues to begin with. I can just imagine what this is going to do to her. She is one of the girls I crochet with here at work. After spending the day in a daze, pondering what to make her that would at least put a small smile on her face, I settled on a comfortghan. It might be hard to picture in your head, but I'll do my best to describe my "idea". Since this student is Harry Potter obsessed, I'm taking the colors of the different "houses" and incorperating them into granny squares. I've divided the blanket into 4 sections, each one for the house. Because the Gryffindor colors are gold and maroon, all of the granny squares in the Gryffindor section will be gold and maroon, or mixed. In the center of this section I have a solid gold sc'ed square, with a "G" stitched on. I'll do the same for the other three houses in the other three quadrants. I'm trying to do this project as fast as I can. Last night I hoped to get 10 squares done, but with trying to figure out the design, I only got 8 done. Tonight, I'm hoping to do at least 8 more. Folks have emailed me and asked me how they can help. All I ask is for positive thoughts / prayers for this young girl...she certainly needs it.
Sending positive thoughts your way-
That is quite sad. I admire the kind of work that you do, as it takes a special kind of person. My thoughts are with you and your student through this time

Sam from DoD
My thoughts are with you. I too am a special ed teacher. I work in a high school in a low-income area and I can relate to what you are going through. This year I had one of my fav students kicked out for possesion and another one arrested for dealing. And then there are all the foster kids who keep getting moved around. It is not an easy job, but you may be the bright spot in a student's year. Keep up the good work!
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