Wednesday, May 17, 2006

From the Kindness of Strangers II

Once again, my pals at Dreams of Dogwoods have come through for me. Seeing as I've got that new sale at the Farmer's Market, I thought maybe I should add a veggie/grocery bag to my stock. There is a crochet-a-long going on at DoD, Natalie's Econo-Shopper bag. I PMed Nat, asking her if I could get a cottage license in order to sell her creation at the sales. I figured that it would cost me at least a $20, but I've seen artists sell their patterns for well over $100. In her reply, she told me that she couldn't accept any money for the pattern, but asked that I tag my items with her blog addie : Go check it out, and let her know that she's the awesomest person out there! In addition to Nat being the fab girl that she is, Pink posted that she would send a spare pattern she had to the first person who PMed her. I did, and I've got Crochet Tops to Love in the mail, heading to me! Here's Pink's blog :
Well, I couldn't accept any money from *you* - from anyone else, now that's a different story!

Anywho, I hope they sell well for you!
How cool is that? Natalie is such a sweetheart :)
that is so cool of you nat and pink and how cool for you that you have such good friends over at DOD....even though some think we are the devils
There is just so much goooey love going on! Nat is so sweet to do that, and Pink as well. Your a lucky girl :)
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