Saturday, May 13, 2006

WIP Killer Weekend

My Goal : To eliminate as many WIPs as possible this weekend. My Plan: To complete what I have listed below. Complete all cozies for upcoming sale. - Add embelishments to chicken, pig, croc, and ladybug - Stitch up the sides Complete the Baby It's Cold Outside sweater for co-worker's baby-to-be. Get a row's worth of Hello Kitty Squares done for SIL's gift. - 5 Kitty Squares - 10 "other" squares - stitch row together Get a row's worth of Brother #3's Christmas afghan done. - 6 four-inch squares - 4 1 six-inch squares - stitch row together Get a row's worth of Grandma's Christmas afghan done. - 10 four-inch squares - stitch row together I will update as I complete. Man, I absolutely overestimated what I would be able to get done this weekend. With a combo of Nyquil, sore joints and Mother's Day, I suck at this WIP killing. The 4" squares and 6" squares took much longer than I thought they would. One of the non-Kitty squares for my SIL's blankie took me about an hour - although this is probably because I had never made one in that style before, so I had to frog a lot. I am rather impressed with how it did come out, though. When I'm not so lazy and drugged up, I'll post some piccys. I do like the idea of setting a goal each weekend and seeing what I can get done, though.
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