Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bert has returned from World Cup

In a previous post, I was complaining that my hermit crab had escaped from his crab-itat, and was no where to be found. I'm guessing Bert (my crab) went to the World Cup game, and was fed up with the results, so came back home. Last night, I found him!!! I was laying in bed last night, and I heard this odd plastic-crinkling sound on my floor. My dog, Paige, had gone through my trash the other night, and pulled out a plastic cookie container. I figured it was just her playing with it again. I picked up my head, and didn't see Paige. But, I did see the distinct white & black soccer paint on Bert's shell. I couldn't believe it! I picked him up, and he pinched me. I'd be mad too if my owner abandoned me for more than a week. I put him in his crab-itat, sprayed him with some water, and put out some food for him. He immediately went over to his habitat-mate, Betty, and started bugging her. Crabby lovin'!
Wow...I didn't think hermit crabs had more than one life....that's amazing!
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