Monday, June 19, 2006

I can see the light!

Two and a half more days of work until I am off for the summer! Six more days until I get on a plane to see my sweetie! I'm just so greatful that I get three weeks to just chill in the UK and not have to worry about anything. This weekend was awful. I'm dealing with a major money issue right now, and unless I get a huge sum of cash before the 26th, I will no longer have my lovely car. This is like jump-off-a-bridge money issues. I'm in the process of applying for numerous loans, but with my crap credit, I'm not holding my breath. Trust me, it might seem like I'm all la-ti-da over this, but that's because I'm medicated and under orders to not stress about it, or I will have a major asthmatic episode. Speaking of asthmatic episodes, check this out:

If you can't read it clearly, the Air Quality says "UNHEALTHY". And I'm running a tug-o-war station at today's field day. Thank the Gods I am near the nurse's station.

bring the crochet stuff tomorrow, and for the love of god, come and teach my kids. I have no idea what they will be up to tommorrow, besides picking at their sunburns and whining.
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