Friday, June 23, 2006

Must-Do-Before-I-Leave List

I have about 50 hours until I leave for the UK. In order to stop myself from obsessing about forgetting something, I'm making a to-do list. Yeah, I know it's boring. Deal. Phone loan people, and finalize the car-transfer. Get car? Finish doing laundry. Get suitcases from Grandma's house. Pack said laundry. Go out to Brooks and get needed things: air-sick patch, salsa, chips, candy. Organize and pack yarns and hooks into case. Clean out Crab-itat and go over care with SIL. Pack carry-on bag. Don't forget passport, tickets, meds, hook & yarn, water bottle. Clean room. Actually shut down computer. Post travel details on fridge. Ask SIL to take care of plants. Call business office about paycheck. I'll add more as I remember and cross off as done. Let me know if you think I forgot anything.
Have a safe and fun trip Sarah!
I'm green with envy as I could do with a trip home. Take care and have a safe and happy trip.
Salsa? As in you break out the chips and salsa on the plane? Because if that is the case, you are even more my hero than I thought you were!

Have a wicked safe flight and a fantastic visit!
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