Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Two huge weights - GONE!!!

Well, my car situation has been sorted out. After hours and hours and hours of applying for loans over the internet, and getting phonecalls from banks that couldn't help me, I finally got a call from a company that can. A car dealership near me is willing to buy out my loan from Ford Credit, and "sell" the car back to me, as long as I get a loan through them. The loan company is one for those who are "credit challenged", and works with people in my situation. They will take between $70 and $80 a week out of my checking account, at a 20% interest rate. Yes, I know, 20% is awful, but the woman I saw strongly suggested refinancing after the year was up. So, that's one huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. I also got my new contract for next year's teaching, and I've already signed it. My boss, fought for me to get more than the standard 3% raise, and ended up getting me a 7% raise! Woo hoo! The two things that I was really stressing about and all sorted. Now I can truely enjoy my time over in England with my Sweetie. I'm so looking forward to seeing the whole family again.
Glad that everything is beginning to work out for you. Have a great time on your trip!
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