Wednesday, June 28, 2006

UK Bloggin' - BUFAs I

BUFA - British UnFinished Articles. I just thought it was funny, since "bufa" is fart in slang Portuguese. That's a shout-out to you, Nee-nee! Here's what I've been working on...
This is the Cookie Monster messenger bag. I've just got a bit of the strap left, and maybe I'll make some cookie button closers. Here's a Hello Kitty handbag. I just need to track down some felt for the eyes and nose, and a yarning needle for the whiskers. And a little amigurumi mouse that I have in this pattern book. That's pretty much it. Here are a pair of pics of the room I am staying in. Notice how I've already had a crochet explosion. The other pic is the view outside my room. Ahh, heaven.
I am deeply impressed with your Hello Kitty Bag.
Hello awesome bag im trying to figure out the pattern to a book i bought hello kitty crochet bag i want to make for my grandaughter can you read japanese or the graphs i can send it to you
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