Tuesday, July 11, 2006

UK Bloggin' - Drunken Parties and Fun

Friday night, Girlfriend and I went to the local pub to celebrate the birthday of a friend of a friend. More an excuse to go out and get "pissed" than anything else. I had a good time, as did Girlfriend. I drank these lovely things called "Cheeky Vimtos", which is a shot of port wine, and a bottle of Blue Wkd mixed together. Absolutely beautiful. I had three and a half of them. Girlfriend had 4 pints of lager, and we walked home blissfully drunk. Thank goodness the pub is less than half a mile from her home. Wednesday night was BIL's birthday, and once again, we celebrated with drink. After a fab BBQ at Girlfriend's house, we walked down to the pub, watched Big Brother on the big screen, and chatted about the language differences between American English and British English. I had a Reef and a Bailey's on ice, Girlfriend had a pair of Blue Wkds. Saturday night, we're going to another party and getting "assholed", or so I've been told. We'll see how that goes. I'm going to email Dad for his awesome margarita recipe and see if I can whip it up for the party.
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