Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Write your "Love Biography"

As part of an application I am filling out (not for a job, but more important), I have to provide evidence of my continual relationship with Emma. One example provided is an essay, written by me, explaining the following: 3. A covering letter from each of you detailing most, but not necessarily all of the following:

bulletHow and when you met.
bulletHow and why the relationship developed.
bulletIf you’ve spent time apart - why, and how you felt during this time.
bulletYour shared social activities and hobbies.
bulletMilestones in your relationship such as moving in together or going on hols.
bulletWhat makes your relationship special for you.
bulletWhat makes your partner special for you.
bulletFuture plans you may have.
bulletHow you would feel if you were forced to be apart.
Shouldn't everyone do this, at least once in your lifetime? I'll share mine, when completed.
I think this would be a good exercise for any couples. If I'd done this; maybe I wouldn't have made 2 1/2 mistakes.
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