Monday, August 07, 2006

Alphabet Mind Games.

I have this thing where I can't sleep at night unless there is noise going on. While camping, I did not have the luxury of keeping a tv on all night to be sure that I get a good night's sleep. But, I have found a game that for some reason, helped me from going insane with sleeplessness. I went through lists of things, making one for each letter of the alphabet. Letters in brackets are ones that I wasn't able to come up with. I would appreciate anyone's help on missing words. Round 1: Animals of the Alphabet ape, babboon, cow, dog, elephant, fawn, gibbon, hawk, iguana, jaguar, kangaroo, lemur, monkey, newt, orangutan, pig, quail, rat, snake, tiger, [u, v,] walrus, [x,] yeti, zebra Round 2: Foods of the Alphabet apple, banana, carrot, date, egg, fig, ginger, horseradish, ice cream, jello, ketchup, lemon, meatballs, orange, peas, quail, rice, spaghetti, tea, [u,] veal, watermelon, [x,] yam, zabaione Those were from the first night. After that, I was only able to do one round a night before I fell asleep. Round 3: Four syllable words of the Alphabet architecture, biology, cantankerous, detrimental, elephantine, Floridian, geology, hypodermic, institution, juvenile, Kangamangus, labotomy, mechanical, narcissistic, obviously, pressurizing, quarentining, romanticize, sympathetic, tyrannical, uintended, varigated, [w,] xenophobic, [y,] zoology Round 4: Five syllable words of the Alphabet alienation, biological, creationism, demonology, ecological, fraternization, geological, hysterectomy, irrationally, juxtoposition, [k], luminocity, methodology, necrophelia, oligarcical, patriotism, quintessentialy, reciprocity, systematically, trigonometry, unbelievable, vigilantism, westernization, xenophobia, [y], zoological
OMG...this is one of the weird things about me that I thought was too weird to put on my blog! Shit! I just put it on yours...and more people read your blog than they do mine...bugger!

Can't help you with any words you missed but I have a note for next time I can't fall asleep...
Oh why did you do this to me! All day long I will be thinking of the words that you missed. CRAP~

I'm so glad your back from your trip, and that you had good weight loss. It reminds me to get on the scale when I am done with my coffee.
seriously...i am away for 3 weeks and I come back to this! :) I am so damn inpressed with your ability to recall 5 syllable words. I think I only would have thought of necrophelia.

by the way, I am stealing one your post about carry-ons.
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