Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Camping Trip!

I'm going camping in New Hampshire tomorrow. It's a big ole family thing. I'm going with the puppy Paige, Mom, Dad, three brothers, one soon-to-be-sisiter-in-law, Grandma, and possibly friends of said brothers. We got two camping sites, and my father rented a wicked RV. I was a little upset that I wouldn'y be able to talk to Emma for a week (unless I used my cell phone - UBER charges), but then my father lets me know the good news. THE RV HAS INTERNET! Can you believe it? I thought these things barely had running water. I'm so psyched now. I'm bringing the laptop, and will be a fully functional blogger during this time. Woot.
How great is that? Wow sounds like you are going to have fun, and especially since you can communicate with Emma. Have fun!
Have a great time!
Sarah, where in NH are you?
I love New Hampshire-where ya going?
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