Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tagged : Odd things about Me

Su tagged me again. Six things that I do that other people think is odd: I bring a rather large teddy bear with me everytime I fly. It began as a security thing, but I've learned that it is probably the best airplane pillow anyone could ever make. Everytime I have a "good" (read heavy) night out drinking, I do my best to eat a cheeseburger before I go to bed. Even if it's 4am, I'm exhausted, and full of booze, I need a burger. It's the one true hangover-preventative I've found that works for me. I hate wearing things on my feet. As soon as the weather is somewhat warm, (March-ish) I wear sandals. When I'm home, I'm barefoot. I usually try my best to hold off wearing real shoes until October. I've been wearing the same pair of earrings for about 4 years now. I do take them out to clean a few times a year, but these are one of the few pairs I've ever had that don't hurt my ears. I can squirt water through the hole in my face - my labret piercing. I've owned every animal that I am allergic to, as a pet: cat, dog, bird, and hamster. Okay. Now I'm tagging Kara, Deneen, Kelly, and Abe-O.
Funny about the bare feet. I am the same way. I HATE shoes!

About being tagged... No you didn't!
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