Monday, August 14, 2006

Weight Loss Update - Week 3

I had two big point meals this week. One morning, I went out for breakfast at Friendly's and got their mushroom, sausage, egg and swiss cheese sandwich, with a side of homefries and an english muffin. That meal alone cost me 36 points. I also went to Applebees, but I stayed under my 24 points that day. There is this whole underground mutation of Weight Watchers called "The Wendie Plan" that I seem to be following without even knowing it. Beginning of week 3 - 186.1 End of week 3 - 184.2 Amount lost week - 1.9 Amount lost total - 6.0
I have heard of the Wendie plan. That all looks like great loss. I keep falling off my diet, but hey, atleast I go right back to it. I think I will forever be in the diet battle.
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